Natural Remedies For Bloating

Natural Remedies For Bloating

If you have ever become bloated its actually a very normal thing to have happen to you and it happens to most people at some point. I usually become super bloated after eating a large meal or after drinking a lot of liquids very fast. Sometimes you can just become bloated for no reason and just feel bloated randomly and this happens quite a bit as well. There are a few things that you can try out if you are dealing with bloating. I have many ideas that I can share with you if you do not already know a lot about this. I have helped quite a few of my friends get over their bloating and even some family members.Its always been in my nature to share natural remedies with everybody that I know because I want to make the quality of life better for everybody not just myself. That is why I made this blog because helping people really makes my day. So if you want to know the best natural remedies for bloating you should really check these remedies out.


1. Licorice Root 

I have been sharing this home remedy with some of my friends because it works well for me. You need to get yourself some licorice root tablets. You can get them on amazon or even just natural medicine shops near you. Its very simple and all you need to do is chew up some licorice root after a meal or even before a  meal if you prefer. It will lower your bloating and make you feel less uncomfortable. Hopefully this works for you and if it does you can always thank me later. 


2. Eat Less

Super obvious I know but instead of stuffing your face with a ton of food you should eat smaller meals and you will be less likely to become bloated. Its really not rocket science and you can start doing this today. I know that sometimes It can be hard to not eat a lot of food especially if the food is very good. You just need to train yourself to start eating less food and you wont have to deal with bloating as much. Give it a try and call me in the morning when you are no longer bloated. 


3.Tape a Nap 

Whenever I am severly bloated I always lay down and it makes a huge, massive difference. It makes me feel so much better but sometimes I end up falling asleep because my stomach is so full and I get tired when I lay down. If you have nothing else to do or if you just feel like taking a nap you should really give this a try. Works well for bloating, headaches and stomach aches. try it out and let me know how it works for you. 


Three very simple and easy remedies that you can try right now if you have bloating. They are easy to master and if you really give it some time and really try them out you will get all the benefits that you need from them. 

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